About Us

Introducing Peaches, a locally produced swimwear label that’s making waves on South African shores. 

Our mission is to design swimwear that can be adjusted to compliment your body shape. The beauty of a Peaches bikini is its hassle-free versatility. Peaches bikinis are available in various different styles, colours and patterns as well as mix and match sizes in order to compliment all body shapes. 

Peaches also offers kimonos, dresses and cover ups that are the perfect accessory for over your bikini or just for a fun way to spice up your outfit. 

Founded by two friends, inspired by a beach holiday, the Peaches brand is about more than selling swimwear and accessories, it’s about a feeling. It’s more than just a bikini that fits your curves and your unique style, it’s taking wardrobe staples and making them work for you, whatever your mood or size and whatever your poolside personality.

It’s not just a bikini, it’s a lifestyle...

Life’s just Peaches


Swimwear Photography by Gypsy Dreams Photography