Care Guide: Looking after your Peaches Bikinis

To ensure your Peaches bikinis remain as stunning as the day you first slipped them on, we have put together a care guide that will help you keep your Peaches bikinis fresh and fabulous for many seasons to come.

1. Rinse Your Bikinis After Use

After wearing your Peaches bikini, and most importantly after every swim, it is important to rinse your bikini to remove any saltwater, chlorine, sand, and sunscreen. Rinsing your bikini helps prevent chemical buildup and therefore prolongs the lifespan of your bikini.

2. Hand Wash if possible

We recommend washing your Peaches bikinis after each wear - even if you don't go in the water. This will remove any chemical build up from sunscreen and sweat, which can damage your bikinis.

Peaches bikinis are made with nylon lycra and most of the bikini tops have soft cups in them, so we recommend a cold hand wash in order to keep the shape and ensure your bikinis last for longer.

Here's how to do it:

  • Fill a basin or sink with cool water and add in a gentle hand wash detergent.
  • Submerge your bikini and gently mix the water, allowing the detergent to do its job.
  • Avoid twisting your bikini, as it can ruin its shape.
  • Rinse the bikini thoroughly with cool water until all soap residues are gone.

Should you decide to use the washing machine, ensure it is set on a cold, delicate wash and place your bikini in a mesh bag to help prevent snags and stretching. Machine washing will decrease the lifespan of your bikinis, so we recommend hand washing.

3. Drying Your Bikini

After hand washing your Peaches bikini, hang your bikini up to dry. Even though swimwear is designed to withstand direct sunlight, avoid drying your bikini direct sunlight as the UV rays could cause the colours to fade.

Do not tumble dry or iron your bikini, as the heat will damage and weaken the elasticity of the material, which may cause the elastic to stretch. This is the same reason why you shouldn't wear your favourite bikini in a hot tub.

4. Sunscreen and Chlorine Precautions

Sunscreen and chlorine are common culprits behind bikini wear and tear. Some sunscreens can cause lighter coloured bikinis to discolour after time – to avoid this ensure that you rinse your bikini thoroughly after each wear to remove any lingering sunscreen, chlorine or saltwater.

5. Proper Storage

Storing your bikinis correctly during the offseason is crucial to their longevity. Lay them flat in a drawer or in a storage container, keeping them away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Avoid folding them too tightly to help maintain their shape (especially the bikini tops that have cups in them).

6. Rotate Your Bikinis

Just like your favourite pair of shoes, giving your bikinis a rest can extend their lifespan. Avoid wearing the same bikini for consecutive days to allow the elastic and fibers to recover their shape. This will prevent your bikini from sagging and stretching.

Peaches Peaches - Washing Instructions

Caring for your Peaches bikinis isn't just about extending their lifespan—it's a way to honour the memories created while wearing them. By following these simple care tips and treating your bikinis with love, you can ensure that your favourite bikinis will remain your trusted companions for countless beach days and poolside adventures to come.

Life’s just… Peaches!

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