Ash Dowding Photography - the photographer of Peaches Swimwear

Ash, owner and photographer of Ash Dowding Photography, is the incredibly talented photographer behind the camera and has been taking our pictures ever since early 2015. We absolutely love making magic with her, and cannot wait for our next shoot!

We our honoured to be featured in Ash's latest newsletter titled 7 Springtime Favourites - where Ash mentions that her favourite Peaches item is the G-String Style Bikini Bottom "It's comfy, flattering and allows for more tan skin- YESSSS please! I mean, who doesn't want a tanned peach?". Peaches even named one of our G-String Style Bottoms after Ash - it's called Kelly

Go check out her other 6 springtime favourites here, and for more info or to book your next shoot visit her website here.

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